Make your portfolio more flexible and reduce costs by subleasing space, restructuring leases, exploring sale-leasebacks, and outsourcing facility management.

Find office or industrial space 

Determine your ideal location based on labor demographics, economic incentives, your production schedule and distribution needs, and more. When you find the right space, negotiate your lease with favorable, flexible terms.

Reduce real estate costs

Perform a portfolio review to assess your space utilization, lease structures and more. Realize cost savings – even monetize your property – through subleasing, lease restructuring, sale-leasebacks, and purchase-to-lease transactions.

Manage energy property & facilities 

Demand more from your real estate. Outsource facilities management and lease administration to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and get advice on occupancy planning and lease transactions.

What's your

Adapt and stay competitive by cutting operating costs and monetizing real estate so you can reinvest in your business.

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