Alternative investments

Maximize your profits or optimize properties with a smart investment strategy. Connect with investors, capital sources, and competitive financing.

Clean energy solutions

We provide clean energy advisory and capital structuring services to determine appropriate renewable energy opportunities and sources of capital for your energy and infrastructure projects.


Find solutions such as management company referrals, debt and equity sources, local private investors, regional operators, self-storage REITs, institutional capital third-party vendors and more.

Seniors housing

With insights into the regulatory environment, investment impacts and demographic trends, we help you buy, sell, finance and get reliable valuations for your seniors housing projects.

Student housing

Leverage market insights and industry expertise to implement the right approach for your student housing assets.

What's your

Maximize your profits, or optimize current and future alternative investment opportunities.



University of Colorado-Denver finds a creative path to finance student housing

University of Colorado-Denver (CU Denver) created a public-private partnership (P3) to generate revenues and finance new student housing development.

In the

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James Koster II,President, Investor Services
James Koster II
President, Investor Services